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Coaching is fast becoming an essential ingredient of successful and productive employees and businesses. We offer a range of services tailored to the requirements of both individuals and organisations:

Most of our sessions are done on a one-to-one basis, face to face. However, we also often group coaching sessions for corporate clients where there is a common objective and interactions between participants are both desirable and effective.



Quest works with individuals who want to enjoy and excel in their careers, helping them to identify exciting and motivating goals and assisting them in making the right decisions to achieve success.

By asking the right questions and addressing issues that are important to the individual – whether that be time management, work relationships, stress or goal setting – Quest will help them identify processes and positive steps to overcome the obstacles that are impeding their success.

At confidential one-to-one sessions, we draw on the individual’s own abilities and qualities enabling them to become more motivated, focused and successful whatever their dreams and aspirations.

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Coaching for executives

Many senior executives often find it difficult to find the time to step back and look at where their organisation or their own careers need to be going – and it can be even more difficult knowing how to make this happen.

Coaching will help to:
  • Create a vision and path of action for the organisation
  • Improve leadership skills and enhance existing skill sets
  • Set and achieve challenging goals (both personal and professional)
  • Make quicker and more effective decisions
  • Raise self-awareness

Through one-to-one sessions, individuals will learn to draw on their own resources and abilities, formulating a strategy to enhance their performance and therefore be better equipped to facilitate the business goals of the organisation.

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Coaching for employees

By coaching employees, Quest can increase business performance, enhance leadership capabilities, improve staff retention rates and increase motivation and commitment. Quest will successfully implement and manage the coaching programme to ensure an increase in profitability and the improved effectiveness of individuals and businesses.

Quest will assist the employee in setting challenging and motivating personal goals that will provide a notable increase in confidence, create better relationships within the workplace and help control a work-life balance. Quest will also focus on the business goals and objectives of the company in creating a bespoke action plan for the individual.

Through partnership with Quest Coaching, you - as client - will achieve fulfilling and rewarding results - whether in your personal or professional life.

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Work-life balance programme

An enhanced work-life balance can improve an employee’s personal performance and happiness, while helping employers improve productivity and maintain morale and motivation. This programme has been developed to help both employers and employees address issues that arise from a lack of balance between personal and professional lives. Employees are encouraged to explore their own balance, in the context of their job role, and then, equipped with knowledge to attain this, are given the responsibility to manage and maintain it.

The employer will see the benefits in staff retention, motivation, performance and productivity. Whilst the employee will have greater control over their working lives, increased job satisfaction, improved confidence, commitment and concentration and better work/ life relationships. The programme can be delivered by way of a one day workshop, a half day workshop (for managers and senior staff) or through one-to-one sessions.

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